Do you travel for Weddings?

Absolutely, we love to travel and see new places.  We are based in Aberdeen and available to travel anywhere in the world for your big day!   If it's a little further afield all we ask is for you to put us up and book us a flight and we'll be there!

How many weddings do you book a year?

Every year is different. We average around 25-30 weddings per year.  We are very privileged to be part of your special day and love every single wedding we photograph!

What happens if the weather is bad on our wedding day?

We work harder! It may take longer but we always deliver a set of high quality images. Sometimes being forced to think differently allows us to create amazing photographs. That said, as long as the weather isn't really bad we would sell use umbrellas and get outside, you only get one chance!

What equipment do you use?

We only use Canon Professional equipment and have numerous back up cameras and lenses on standby. We are continually investing in new equipment - and also regularly service all existing equipment.

Can we purchase the high-resolution files?

We do offer your wedding day images as high resolution images (jpeg files only), but we would much prefer to design and create a beautiful album for you, anyone can burn a disc, not everyone can create a beautiful wedding album.  We do ask is if you require advice on printing then please get in touch and let us help you.  We put a lot of effort and time into our photography and really would hate to see poor quality prints of our work.

How many photographs should we expect on our wedding day?

There are a lot of factors that will influence the number of photographs expected on your big day - weather, location, and timings are but a few. We usually deliver between 400-600 images as an average but are more concerned with delivering quality images than number of images.

How many photographs do we get in our album?

Every album is different and we don't see it as a numbers game.  Why limit your album to 100 images when your perfect album should have 150 images?  The images lead the design and the number of album pages will vary depending on the different elements of the wedding day and how your photographs work as a collection.  You can be very much involved in selecting the main images for your album or let us have full creative license. After this process we work our magic and come up with what we think is the perfect design using your wedding photographs from every aspect of the day.  We do not charge any extras for your album, you get the perfect album in its entirety!

What is required to book my date?

We require £300 booking fee along with your reservation form to book the date. Nothing else is due until 28 days prior to the wedding date when the final balance is due. We get booked up very quickly and we operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We can offer a wedding gift service or payment plan.  For more information on these services then please give us a call to discuss.

Do you have insurance?

Definitely!  A professional photographer needs Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.  We are qualified members of the British Institute of Professional Photographers, Master Photographers Association and Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, all operate a strict code of conduct - one of which is check we hold these insurance policies.

How long does it take to receive our album?

Nobody likes to be kept waiting. We believe in delivering your album in as short a time as possible, but designing and creating a beautiful hand made album takes time and care.  Our albums are made in New Zealand by perhaps one of the best album makers in the world.  Yet surprisingly once the pages are designed and after you have chosen your album cover, we would expect your album be in your hands within 6-8 weeks. The pressure is on you to choose your favourite images and get them back to us, then the magic begins!


Your wedding day photography is an investment.  An investment in a family heirloom that will be passed down through generations.  We believe that if you only choose to spend a little today, you may lose a lot tomorrow.  Your investment in Nicholas Frost Photography will ensure your wedding day memories will last a lifetime.

Helpful advise

We are very experienced with what makes amazing wedding day photographs, from the dress to the hair, from the make up to the timings on your big day. If you want any advise from us during the planning stages please feel free to get in touch as we want to create great timeless images and if we can help we will.


Who will take our photographs?

We will! Studio sessions and lifestyle sessions are all photographed exclusively by Nicholas and Carol, both award winning photographers. Newborn Photography is a little more special and takes longer and requires a lot of patience, therefore Carol's session usually last 3-6 hours whereas a normal studio session lasts up to 1 hour.

When, where, how.....

We are happy to accommodate when we can but we get booked up well in advance. During the summer, weekends aren't always available for portrait sessions. We ask our clients to be as flexible as possible and arrange the sessions if possible during the day, during the week.  Give us a call up to 6 weeks before to ensure you aren't disappointed!

Nicholas Frost Photography offer studio sessions and lifestyle shoots at a location of your choice. Studio session take place at our studio on Auchmill road, Aberdeen. Lifestyle sessions can take place at the beach, at a park, by the river or in the city centre whatever suits you, give us a call and we can have a chat about locations.

A sessions duration usually depends mainly on the type of shoot, sometimes babies give us 10 minutes sometimes 30 minutes before they say enough is enough whereas a family shoot usually takes up to an hour. We allocate a 1 hour slot for studio sessions and 2 hours for location shoot, newborn shoots can take up to 4 hours!

What happens if we cant make the session?

It happens, we are human and understand. All we ask is for a phone call to let us know, theres nothing worse than waiting for a client that doesn't turn up.  If you don't show up for your viewing and don't let us know we ask for a £20 fee to book another viewing, this is refundable against prints and frames.

What should we wear, what should we bring?

Our style of photography is informal and we want you to feel comfortable during the session. We can discuss before the session but in general we ask for no logos, strips, or spots. Bright contrasty colours usually work well for fun children shoots whereas co-ordinated black or white t-shirts work well for families. If several family members are being photographed, try and pick a colour theme and split the colours across family members.

For our baby sessions I would recommend jeans or dungarees and simple t-shirt/shirt for boys and for girls we can stylise a little more using hair accessories, muted pastel colours or even white dresses/outfits work well. If you want to try something a little different get in touch and we can discuss.

Obviously at the end of the day the choice is yours, we have a variety of backgrounds to suit different colour clothing. I would only recommend one possibly two outfits, children loose patience quickly and changing often can irritate your child and end a session early!

If it is your baby or young child being photographed then we would advise bringing some comfort toys or materials, something to grab the child's attention perhaps. We have some props but if there is anything that you would like to bring then please do so and we will try our best to use it.

How do we view and select our images?

At the time of your session we will discuss this. Your photographs will normally go online via our client galleries to view usually with 7-10 days. We invite you back to the studio 2-3 weeks after your session to select the products you wish to purchase. It is important to have a look at your photographs before you come back in for your viewing and have a think about where you would like to put your wall art. When you come in to view your images we will present you with a large screen slide show and using the latest software we will show you the best way to present your images in a wide range of framing products available.


We love to work with the following businesses.  If a supplier you wish to use is not listed below it doesn't mean to say not to book them!  If you would like some advice about planning your wedding, feel free to get in touch with us.


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All photographic content on this site, is ours and only ours! So hands off!  Seriously though, we would so much prefer for you to have a high quality image than something grabbed off this site and printed cheaply.  Please don't offend us by asking us to lower our prices or giving away our photography.  You are not just paying for a print - you are paying for the expertise and the creativity of the artist.  Not only are we professional photographers but we also are human beings who need to make a living to support our family.  Thanks for understanding!